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Water industry to achieve new breakthroughs 、
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In 2014,, but then last year in this water purifier industry voices come and go, the pattern of the overall performance of stabilization brand manufacturers in the major electricity provider platform and then breaking a new high, has been quietly developing a water purifier gradually from behind the scenes toward the stage, into the public eyes of consumers. Thus, also known as the first year of the development of the water purification industry.
     However, the development of the water industry is brutal in the development of the disorder, the future, the water industry to achieve a new leap forward, must consider three major problems with the breakthrough.
     Security guards life works: First, the technical
     Our water purifier after nearly 30 years of development, the period has gone from abroad to imitate and then to the three stages of the development of independent brands, but there are few technological innovation achievements, according to statistics, an independent research and development capabilities and core technology only in about 5%, compared to a foreign country, far from this data.
     Water as a "life project", if there is no guarantee of technology, not only from the effect of water, it will cause secondary pollution of drinking water. Filtration systems currently on the market most of the need for regular replacement, PP cotton filter film filter device to become the core component, if quality problems, "black core" would be more a threat to human health.